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For us, service is more than just a word. No matter what you want to ask us about, at Pfalzgraf you will always find a friendly ear for your questions and suggestions. We care about our customers' opinions! You can contact us at any time via our contact form or directly via your contact person.

Pfalzgraf contact partner

Mike B. Schuh

Sales Director International

+49 1522 9565019
Dirk Brünz

Managing Director

+49 7445 8510-0
Tim Brünz

Managing Director

+49 7445 8510-0
Frederic Gall

Sales Manager International

+49 151 11805130
Katja Daumann

Sales Back Office International

+49 7445 8510-11
Mario Hirsch

Sales Back Office

+49 7445 8510-68
Vanessa Gänssle

Head of Human Resources Management

+49 7445 8510-85
Christine Hermann

Quality Assurance Manager

+49 7445 8510-0
Stephan Koller

Overall production management

+49 7445 8510-0
Otto Zimmermann

Member of the Management Board, Authorized Signatory, Operations Manager

+49 7445 8510-0
Ursula Rothfuss

Management assistant

+49 7445 8510-45
Christian Gerbing

Authorized signatory, Head of Purchasing

+49 7445 8510-54
Sabine Burkhardt

Customer service management

+49 7445 8510-18
Sandro Haug

Customer service

+49 7445 8510-35
Fabienne Marie Schreiber

Customer service

+49 7445 8510-84
Klara Misurak

Customer service

+49 7445 8510-21
Vasco Ribeiro Fernandes

Sales Back Office

+49 7445 8510-93

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Factory sales

Indulgence directly
at the source

A visit to our factory sales store in Pfalzgrafenweiler is always worth a trip. Simply pay us a visit and choose from our tasty offer.


9:00 AM to 12:30 midday
 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM

SATURDAY 9:00 AM to 12:30 midday

Christel Ziegler

+49 7445 8510-37


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Our restaurant: the 'essbar'

It tastes even better
on site!

Enjoy lunches at Pfalzgraf now! Our 'essbar' is a combination of lounge and restaurant and offers culinary delights at lunchtime - and of course our selection of cakes, gateaux and cupcakes.



Our 'essbar' is open! You can find the opening hours in our menu.